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Brand New Life
My Brief Story

Brand New Life
Have you ever wished you could have a brand new life, erase the past and start all over, or have another chance to do your life all over again? Have you ever wished every wrong, every mistake, every bad choice you've ever made could be erased? Have you ever wished the pain and loneliness in your life could just go away, and that you could find true and lasting peace? Have you ever wished you could be free from depression or habitual behaviors that dominate your life? Have you ever wished you could find a reason and purpose for living, and that you could truly know what life's all about? Have you ever wished you could know what's going to happen to you when you die, is there really a literal eternal heaven or hell, and if there is, can you know where you'll spend eternity? 
You Can have a brand new life! All the wrongs and mistakes (sins) you've ever committed can be forgiven and erased from your life forever, and you can have another chance for a meaningful life. You can be free from the past and have a sure hope for the future. And yes, you can know when you pass from this life into the next, you will have eternal life in heaven.
How can you have this brand new life? Of all the religions and gods professed in this world, Jesus of the Holy Bible is the only One who can forgive your sins and give you a brand new life. He is the only One who can forgive your sins because He's the only One that took your sins upon Himself when He was executed on the cross, taking your sins with Him to the grave. Of all the religions and gods in this world, He is the only One who came back to life after dying, leaving your sins in the grave forever. He gave His life for you so you could be forgiven and have a brand new life now and forever. The Holy Bible says you can receive this brand new life by committing your life to Jesus by faith, confessing your sin, and by asking and accepting His forgiveness. This gift cannot be earned by good deeds or religious efforts, but may only be receive by faith. Simply put, faith is trusting in something you can't see or understand, it is believing what secular man's wisdom would deem irrational and unbelievable. The Holy Bible says God even gives you the faith to believe, and with that faith you will be forgiven and receive the gift of eternal life. Your part is to accept it, and believe it by the faith He gives you, and when you do, God will change your life forever. When you do this, God and Jesus will live inside you through the Holy Spirit to help you grow as a true Christian, and help you overcome all the negative things in your life. When this happens you are "saved" from eternal judgment, and wrath in Hell, and given eternal life in heaven. In the Holy Bible, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are considered One God, and are sometimes referred to interchangeably. Don't be confused by this, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit work together to give you a brand new life, and give you the things you need to live as a true Christian. This does not mean you will never have troubles, everyone will have troubles as long as they're in this world, but Jesus will give you peace and life even if you're surrounded by troubles.
The choice is yours. God has provided the way for you to receive forgiveness and eternal life through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus. It's offered to you as a free gift, because there's nothing you can ever do to be good enough to earn it. However, it is not without cost, you must choose to believe and trust Jesus as Lord of your life. The Bible says anyone who does not believed in Jesus is already condemned to eternal wrath. The Bible is very clear on this, God is a God of love to those who choose Him and His Son Jesus, but a God of wrath to those who reject Him and His Son.  To not choose Him is to reject Him. God loves you so much, that He gave His only Son for you, so you could choose a brand new life!
Here's how to receive your brand new life. First of all, receiving a brand new life is simple. Receiving Jesus as Lord of your life is a matter of the heart. It's not about saying the right words, or having some kind of magical experience. It's simply confessing your sin, asking forgiveness, and committing your life to Him. When you do this from your heart, taking Him at His Word, and trusting Him to do what He said He would do, by faith He will enter your life by His Holy Spirit. Because of His faithfulness He will change your life, and give you the power to overcome the sins in your life. By faith, you will be born all over again, born of His Spirit, and you'll have your brand new life!
After you receive your band new life, the following things are vital for your growth as a true Christian. Fellowship with God and Jesus by reading The Holy Bible, and talking to Him in prayer. (Start in the New Testament reading Luke and Acts, this will give you a jump start in understanding Jesus of The Holy Bible) Find a Holy Bible believing Church to become involved with, a church that believes The Holy Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. If they don't believe that, you need to keep looking for a church that does. Profess your decision of faith to the church or pastor and let them know you need to be baptized. Baptism is a command of Jesus and an act of obedience to Him. It symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus that has taken place in your life. Buried with Him when you're lowered into the water, and raised with Him when you're lifted out of the water. The Holy Bible believing Minister will help you to understand this step in your brand new life. 
My Brief Story
My story is a story of desperation, hope, and second chances. It's the story of a man's utter failure, and it's the story of the love and grace of God. After becoming a Christian at an early age, I lost my way, and made some unfortunate choices that led to devastating consequences in my life. Struggling with my mistakes (sins), I became lost in the obsessive desires of my lustful human nature, while at the same time developing a misguided religious demeanor that ultimately led me into self-righteousness, self-condemnation, and failure. I existed for many years in discouragement, depression, and despair.  In my pain and despair I became so deceived that I thought I was the only one on earth that really knew the will of God, and yet I was oppressed, defeated, and captivated by obsessive, unrighteous thinking and desires. In my self-righteousness I despised the grace of God, for which cause God took me on a long journey, through the depths of despair, to show me the magnitude of His mighty love and grace.  God supernaturally intervened in my life three times. The first to give me a reason for living when I couldn't bare to live any longer. The second to teach me the "fear of the Lord" and how I must depend completely upon Him, by taking me through a year of relentless oppression that took me on the psychological "ride of my life" to the very brink of literal insanity. The third to show me the boundless depth of His mercy and grace, breaking my heart through a very strange event, He showed me how much He could love and forgive a "three time looser" like me. I know the pain of hurting and loosing those dearest to me, I know unimaginable loneliness, inconceivable fear, relentless psychological and emotional agony, desperation, and hopelessness. When I thought I was beyond hope, and when I thought I could never have a new life, or another chance, that's when God showed me what His infinite love, and unmerited favor (grace) was all about. I will always fail and fall short, but The Holy Bible, it's Author, it's message will never fail, that's why my faith must always rest in the message of The Holy Bible and never in myself, nor in popular opinion. Psalm 27:1 The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?
Further information
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Finally, God bless you, and please let me know if you have chosen a brand new life.
 2 Corinthians 5:17Anyone who is in Jesus Christ has received a brand new life, the old life is gone and a new life has begun. (paraphrased)
 John 3:16 God loved the world so much, He gave His only Son, Jesus to pay our sin debt, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish in eternal hell, but will instead receive eternal life in heaven. (paraphrased)
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